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Are you looking for an amazing modern passive Log House or contemporary Timber Frame building. If the answer is yes. Read on?

Our highly energy efficient timber frame houses and buildings are not just superb quality timber frame structures, they are the perfect choice for a quick, highly insulated build, which costs 30% less than a brick or block house. In addition, they are way above said housing regulations set in the UK / Europe..!

Companies that solely build brick houses are incredibly frightened of the New EU legislation. Why..? To build a massively insulated home from brick, the void in the walls of a brick built house would need to be 180mm minimal to achieve some where near the goal set for the new energy rating which is set to be enforced in December 31 2020. Making a brick building airtight is incredibly difficult, almost impossible actually and keeping costs down is a major problem when trying to build an energy efficient house from brick!

All our timber frame buildings are not just built to building regulations, we always have and always will build better, and always over engineer the size of timbers. Our timber frame passive highly insulated homes are built to with stand the freezing harshness of winters, but also the heat in the summer. When this new law comes into effect the housing industry will need to change its guidelines-structural calculations and most of all its build type!

Choose our popular standard house design types or develop it to your exact requirement..!

  • You may love our existing designs exactly as they are or require changes to meet your precise vision, living requirements or planning requirements. We are happy to work with you and make the appropriate adaptations to our standard drawings.

Working from your own drawings and plans

  •  Some clients may already have their own plans or drawings in place. We are happy to work with you and your chosen architect if this is the case*.

Bespoke Design Architect Service

  • We also provide a bespoke design & architectural service where we will explore your own ideas in conjunction with our team to develop your proposals into drawings and plans.
  • The fees for our bespoke design service depend on the size and complexity of the design brief.

Please call us for more information, and find out how you can save literally tens of thousands of pounds buying a Passive Timber frame house from us. CONTACT US