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Custom Timber Log Buildings

Custom Timber Buildings - Lakeside LodgeThe Timber used in our log Buildings is a very slow grown Redwood Pine matured for over 100 years and is about as Eco Friendly as they get, with it's energy efficient insulation capabilities and low Carbon Footprint combined with excellent thermal values with double glazed windows and doors as standard.

We will happily take the time to discuss with you your exact requirements and ensure that together we achieve the perfect Timber Building, customised to your needs.

Custom Timber Buildings - Build in ProgressCustom Timber Buildings - Lakeside Lodge Interior"Eco Life" are our standard range of log buildings giving you exactly what you want on the outside and what you need on the inside.

Our buildings come in all shapes and sizes and can be entirely custom made to suit your needs. Should you need any inspiration you can pick and choose from our range of designs from which you can take the best elements and adapt layouts and ideas. In essence we can build timber buildings to your specification, these will all conform to UK Building Regulations for Homes, BS 3632:2005 for Mobile Homes, Ofsted for Schools and Planning for Home offices for the domestic, commercial and private sector markets.

QUOTE BY KEVIN McCLOUD OF GRAND DESIGNS "Buildings that are made from wood don't grab the public's imagination in this country, which is a shame. It's all to do with our natural suspicion of anything that isn't bricks and mortar, but things are changing. In fact timber is a key material of a new style of building labelled cool. Wood is the building material of the moment. Unlike steel or glass it's sensuous, it's organic, it's tactile and it's timeless. Now these are qualities which are very new age, very 21st century and wood has this ability to be able to connect a building to its environment. The timber is so much of the place that a building made with it can look as though it has just sprung right out of the ground. But that touchy-feely organic quality has to be balanced with good building practice. Modern double glazing and engineering standards for timber now ensure that wooden buildings can often out performs and outlast their brick equivalents. Even relatively primitive examples of wooden buildings from the 1960's demonstrate the durability of the material. "

ICustom Timber Buildings - nsulated RoofCustom Timber Buildings - Log House KitchenWhen considering the Carbon Footprint of your building, contrasting from wood as compared to "traditional build" structure is both environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Timber is a natural material and is therefore close to people's hearts and is the first choice for all seasons. Its insulation qualities ensure that heating and air conditioning cost are kept to a minimum. For more information on our range of Timber Log Buildings please CONTACT US for an Information Pack.

Our buildings are suitable for:-

  • Holiday parks
  • Mobile log homes
  • Residential houses
  • Garden annex
  • Leisure buildings
  • Golf and Leisure Industry
  • Beautiful Homes of Distinction
  • Office Accommodation
  • Home Extensions
  • Community Centres
  • Sauna and Swimming Pools
  • Medical Centres
  • Second Home
  • Restaurant
  • Sports Clubs
  • Cricket Pavilions