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School Playground Shelter Introduction

When offered the alternative of lessons in a stuffy hot classroom or having an open air lesson, there was no contest. Combine that with somewhere for Dad to encourage his favourite son on the football pitch or somewhere for Mum to shelter form the rain while waiting to collect her little cherubs, the log shelters offered have so many uses we could run a competition to see which school can come up with the most uses.

They say you cant teach children anything, just help them to learn. With that in mind we decided to offer school something different and it wend down a storm with teachers and children alike.

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School Shelter Listing

7 School Shelters


Montacute School Log Cabins ThumbWhen there's no more room inside and you need extra places to teach these lodges that are made to suit the needs of the individual school are designed and built to be temporary buildings and so much easier to get planning permission for and with a life expectancy of in excess of 100 years, they have a lot to offer.  

These Eco Friendly outdoor classrooms offer excellent value for money and a fantastic alternative to investing in renting a portable cabin.


Gazebo 1 ThumbWith more and more schools needing to meet the need to provide shelter from the rain and protection from the sun, New Forest Log Cabins is pleased to offer a made to measure range of Gazebo's. They also make great places for teachers to work outside of the classroom..!

7 x 3 mtr 150mm Round Log


Gazebo 2 Thumb

Open air classrooms are becoming all the rage, especially since they also provide protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Up to 32 Children can sit and enjoy a new place to learn that's made from logs.

6 x 3 mtr 150mm Round Log


Colehill First School

Our range of made to measure shelter are really going down well with parents and pupils alike. Parents can shelter from the rain while watching their child play on the sports ground. They also make great places for the children to keep their kit dry while on the pitch and the teachers quite like them to since they are great places to get the children out of the classroom and into the fresh air for some learning al fresco.

3 x 4 mtr 150mm Round Log


Christchurch Junior SchoolNew Forest Log Cabins is pleased to have completed their 3 constructions of made to measure Gazebo's for Christchurch Junior School in Dorset. Together we created a great places for teachers and children to work outside of the classroom..!

7 x 3 mtr 150mm Round Log


Christchurch Junior School

Up to 40 Children can enjoy a new place to learn that's made from logs. The whole football squad can shelter from the rain or parents can watch their children playing sports from a confortable dry place.

8 x 4 mtr 150mm Round Log


Christchurch Infants

There is a need for Schools to provide shelter from harmful UV rays and what better way of providing this than under a natural Gazebo produced from Redwood Pine. Not only are these great places to shelter from the Sun or Rain, but they make ideal places for teachers to hold outdoor lessons and could double up for many other activities for pupils, teachers and parents alike..!

4.1 x 3.8mtr - 150mm Oval Log.