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Home Gym Log Cabins

There are numerous benefits to training at home, which include:

  • You can use your home gym whenever is convenient to you.
  • You can choose the music - no more Westlife, Will Young or Busted.
  • You can play the music that will inspire you to lift your heaviest weights.
  • You can train how you want to.
  • If you want to train with your shirt off, swear and curse, you can.

Home gyms aren't just for musclebound strongmen, they're equally effective for giving your limbs a sleek athletic shape without adding bulk. Your home gym could have an adjustable stack of weights to give your arms and legs a defined, toned look.


Ryan Workout Studio ThumbThere are some things you like and other things you just love, and the margin between them can sometimes be a hairs breadth, however, in the case of the Ryan Workout Studio, you will love working out in it and probably spend a lot of time relaxing in your home looking down the garden and telling your friends how much your enjoying it. Be proud of your Log Cabin and enjoy feeling fit every time you step in or out of it...

7.5mtr x 4mtr in 70mm square log.


Edenhall Phorographic StudioMan Caves are the fastest growing idea in the UK for the Man or Woman to escape to their den or lair for whatever they want. This is your opportunity to be super COOL by spoiling yourself and have your very own outdoor space designed just for you.

Don't hold back any longer, call John on 01202 888108 and let us design and build your very own MAN CAVE... Contact US..?

Measuring 6 x 5mtr 70mm log for year round use.


Ryan - Eatleigh

There are many more advantages to training at home. Though home training may not be suitable for everyone, if you're serious about having a Home Gym, you could not do better than working out in a custom design gym and start training your body and mind without leaving home.

6 x 4mtr with suspended floor for insulation and capable of taking the weight of gym equipment including Free Weights


Lymington Home Office Lymington Home Office Lymington Home Office Lymington Home Office

7.4mtr x 4.6mtr - 70mm.

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Ryan - CrystalThe Ryan - Crystal comes with a pedigree all of it's own and what's more it doesn't require planning permission. We have built this model as a Gym, Home Office and occasional Dog Kennel and there is no doubt that we will build more of them for many other uses..

I particularly like the antique pine preservative and those chocolate brown windows and doors add a touch of class...

5 x 3mtr in 70mm thick logs.


Ryan Home Gym

When it's blowing a gale outside, you can be confident that your gym equipment and you are going to stay in perfect condition, and when the sun shines, swing the doors open, punch the air and feel justly proud that you got it right..!

6mtr x 4mtr with 1.5mtr verandah in 70mm square log.


Ryan Games Room with SaunaRelax in your own sauna, dine alfresco and put a favourite DVD on your extremely COOL home cinema system and chill.

Crank up the volume, splash in the hot tub and open another bottle of champagne and that just Friday evening, and then what will you use your log cabin for the rest of the week. Have fun and be happy..???

6mtr x 5mtr - 70mm Square Log as shown.


Lyndhurst - Wessex Thumb

The Lyndhurst is one of our traditional log cabins with all the typical features you would expect from a supplier thats built over 300 of these beautiful and functional log cabins. The cabin measures 3.8 x 3.8 with a generous verandah at the front. What a good place to escape to when you want to read a book or have visiting friend or relatives to stay overnight.


Hooper ThumbThe Ryan measures 10 x 4 mtr and is based on our very popular Ryan design. The internal layout is so flexible that on the one hand you could use is as a workshop with darkroom and somewhere to park the quad bikes, or a one bed-roomed chalet with en-suite bathroom, lounge, galley kitchen and outside store. This version was made using 150mm Round Logs.