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Our standard offer contains: 
  1. External and internal walls from logs (framework only if necessary or needed), including wool between logs, ydroinsulation between foundation and first row of logs and metal fixings like screwbars, bolts, tubes, wooden pegs, also laminated posts if these are needed.
  2. Material for roof construction starting from ceiling board and skirtings moving upwards with ventilation and insulation slats, laminated purlin (if needed), rafters, roof boards and roofing slats(if needed), gable and eaves boards, including wind and vapour barriers and metal fixings like screws, nails, staples.
  3. Material for floor construction starting from (impregnated) floor beams and moving upwards with black floor" (if needed), floor joists, floor boards and skirtings, including building paper, tar paper and tar paper and metal fixings like screws, nails, staples.
  4. Material for terrace /outside balcony starting with impregnated floor beams moving upwards with impregnated terrace floor boards and railings (if needed), including metal fixings like metal accessories, screws, nails, staples.
  5. Material for intermediate ceiling (if needed) starting from ceiling joist (from logs) and moving upwards with ceiling board, skirtings, floor joist, floor board and skirtings, including building paper, vapour barrier and metal fixings like screws, nails, staples.
  6. External and internal doors, windows, internal staircase, balcony railing. In standard external doors and windows are lasur coated, internal doors, staircase and railing varnished. Architraves for inside and outside are included.
  7. Sauna material from white and beautiful aspen(if sauna is included) starting from framework for insulation and moving on with panels for walls and ceiling, sauna bench and full glass door, including screws, nails, staples, sliding system.
  8. Full set of drawings for materials produced by NFLC (these are high quality drawings and suitable for official documentation and applications).

In addition we are able to supply:

  1. Roof covering material - KATEPAL bitumen shingles, RUUKKI metal, Cedar shingles or Fibre Cement Slate 
  2. Rainwater gutterings
  3. External and internal stains and varnishes for walls and floor (REMMERS)
  4. Insect nets and shutters for windows and balcony doors
  5. Transportation from the factory to Your building site or warehouse