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Transportable Mobile Log Cabin

It has taken some time for the word to spread around the planning authorities, however, it is now accepted that the mobile lodges manufactured by New Forest Log Cabins conform to the requirements of the Act. We are now able to design the size, layout and style to meet your individual requirements for holiday accommodation or for year round living in oval or square log.

Changes to the Mobile Home regulations now means that the external dimension of the mobile lodge can now be up to 20mtr long by 6.8mtr wide and when assembled, be capable of being moved from site by road in not more than two half's in order to meet the requirements of the Caravan Act.

The Mullacot marks a turning point in Transportable Solid Log Mobile Log Homes, designed and build to meet the requirements of the Caravan Act with two options available.

You can either opt for the on-site design and build with electrics, plumbing and services connected to the lodge during construction. Whilst New Forest Log Cabins are able to incorporate a complete installation service for multiple builds, owners find that they can make considerable savings by managing the trades for fitting out themselves with support from our installation team at hand, this has proved to bee the preferred method by many of our customers.

Secondly there is the option of having the lodge constructed off-site onto twin wheeled chassis and delivered in two half's, ready to hook up to the mains ready for occupation. This service requires good access to the site for an artic lorry to get close to the location and the units is then manoeuvred into it's final resting place.

The Caravan Sites Act 1968


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Do You need Planning Permission for your mobile home log cabin? CLICK HERE to see the Government Guidelines.