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Timber Frame Assembly

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Do you want a quality log building that takes days rather than weeks to build. Then look no further...

We use quality trees from managed Forests in Estonia that is grown slowly  and is the reason why the wood is distinctive with it's closely bonded rings. This wood is especially firm and resistant to weather conditions, it is less likely to deform than the wood which grows in other parts of Europe. For the manufacturing we use only this consistently matured softwood that has been grown in these well-groomed woods for many years from sustainable resources...

Konecta Log Homes are fully insulated log cabins that can conform to full UK Building Regulations or Mobile Home specifications. The big advantage over the solid log construction is that the Konecta design takes days rather than weeks to build.

We offer a bespoke service for any building type.

Complete panel structures with KONECTA fitting system, impregnated with choice of colours at the factory.

  • Roof thickness 45x150x45 = 240mm.
  • Floor thickness including sub frame 75x100x28 = 203 mm.
  • Wall thickness 45x100x45 = 190mm (choice of timber thickness available).
  • All windows double glazed argon glass sealed units.
  • All doors are fully insulated.
  • Choice of round or square log timbers.

Konecta Cavity Wall Log System

The outer walls are constructed from prefabricated timber panels with a choice of external claddings - half round or rectangular tongue and groove. The timber frame is constructed using various thicknesses from 120mm to 180mm timber studs set at 400mm centres and then clad from the above choice.

There is a choice of interior cladding such as round log, tongue and groove or plasterboard - or a mixture of all three! The panels are insulated with mineral wool, Rockwool or Kingspan insulation panels and all incorporate a vapour barrier.