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Log Scout Huts & Girl Guide Buildings Introduction

In the early years of the 20th century, Robert Baden-Powell, a famous army general, developed a scheme for training boys. He tried out his ideas at a camp on Brownsea Island in 1907 and the following year published them in a book, Scouting for Boys. The book was an instant success and boys throughout the UK enthusiastically took up Scouting. As a result, Baden-Powell soon found himself organising the Boy Scout Movement. At the Scouts' first rally, at the Crystal Palace in 1909, a small group of girls turned up. They represented hundreds of other girls and insisted that they wanted to be Scouts too.

The traditional values and requirements of the Scouts and Guides have changed very little over the years and now New Forest Log are helping to replace many of the origin huts as they were called or meeting places, with modern buildings made completely from logs and using traditional building techniques in harmony with the requirements of UK Building Regulations.

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The great thing with our designs is that they are so versatile with design changes and modifications to exisiting plans completed in minutes and client designs costed within hours. Built to meet the requirements of UK Building Regulation and to last in excess of 100 years, New Forest Log Cabins will be very happy to work with you or your Architect to come up with the mose cost effective and practical design to meet your needs.


Guernsey Scout HQGuernsey Scout HQ

Are you thinking of re-building your Scouts Meeting Hall? It would be worth getting a quote for it to be constructed in log and not only will you save money, you will have one of the smallest Carbon Footprint buildings in the area..!

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Log Building from New Forest Log Cabins

At the heart of a good Log Building there are the fundimentals, like with a Scout Building it should also large hall, wet and dry places, kitchen, WC's, store room, utility facilities and possibly offices. With our extensive experience in providing ideal environments for recreational hall, you can rest assured that we also incorporate all of the necessary safety and security features for carefree living and enjoyment.


Cambridge West GirlguidesAre you thinking or re-building your Scouts or Guides Meting Hall. It would be worth getting a quote for it to be constructed in log and not only will you save money, but you will have one of the smallest Carbon Footprint Eco Friendly buildings in the area..!